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Welcome to Whitewater Christian Church

Join us for our worship service at 10 AM Sunday.
We are located at: 7918 State Road 227 N
                              Richmond, IN 47374





[1 John 1:5]

Whitewater Christian Church was established in February of 1868, there was a group of people around Whitewater some of whom were members at the Bethel Church who decided they wanted a church in Whitewater. They met for a brief time at "the old seminary just west of town" In 1875 property was purchased just south of Whitewater, and a brick building was built, which burnt down in 1920. The current building was constructed on the same foundation as the old one, and an addition was constructed in 1961. Here is a brief summary of what the early church agreed to follow:  

"We the undersigned immersed believers in Jesus the Christ, have united ourselves into a congregation of Disciples, for the purpose of keeping the ordinances as they are delivered to us in the Gospel of the grace of God. Also to render assistance to each other in perfecting holiness in ourselves and extending the kingdom of our Lord, in our immediate community and the world. We accept no creed but the Bible, acknowledge no Lordship but Jesus, impose no duty not required by divine law in the New Testament. We claim no right to infringe upon the individual conscience in only matters of opinion, and hence permit the larger liberty of opinion, but demand a full and uncompromising faith in the Lord Jesus and obedience to His word." 

“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  
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